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Insured Yes Leads uses its Internet marketing expertise to reach consumers seeking all variety of insurance plans. We then either capture the consumer information on our own insurance sites and sends those exclusive leads to our customers purchasing leads in the consumer’s geographic area or we will offer the consumer the opportunity to call in and be connected on the spot.

We generate our quality insurance leads and calls through a variety of methods including paid search (PPC), traditional advertising, email marketing, organic search optimization and experienced affiliates. Our system allows us to capture, screen and deliver leads to your firm in real time allowing for highest possible case retention rates. Our insurance lead generation service connects providers immediately with consumers at the moment they are most likely to need help — while searching online for information related to auto, home, health, or life insurance plans.

Insurance leads offer substantial opportunities for providers who help their clients get the coverage they need.

We get many lead inquiries from people experiencing difficulties finding the right plans to fit their situation, and are considering alternatives to traditional insurance plans. As a qualified plan provider, you may contact the lead to determine if you have the solution that is right for them and advise them of their coverage options.


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